Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Balance Yourself with Thailand Experiences July 5-19

Thailand Experiences are offering a 14 day retreat to Koh Phangan 5th-19th July 2014!  

There is a reason all us long-termers keep coming back to Koh Phangan: there is a wellspring of restorative energy on this magical island, a vortex of enlightenment that allows us all be our core selves here... 

The natural beauty of the island is too breathtaking to be mistaken. However long we have been coming for, we are still all affected by it, and for the better. We are open, free, loving and aware beings, when we are on Koh Phangan.

Knowing this, Thailand Experiences are offering a Balance Yourself Experience to Koh Phangan in July. With a daily program of yoga, meditation and detox, this is sure to be an enlightening retreat, on one of the island's most pristine and most private bays. 

With only 10 spaces available, you can expect an intimate group of ongoing soul connections and experiences. The great things about retreats, as well as the benefits and tools we learn to practice in every day life, are always the connections!

Known only in mass consciousness for its Full Moon Parties, there is so much more to Koh Phangan, so much that is often secretively hidden from the outside world. 

Thailand Experiences are offering a portal into this world through their 'Balance Yourself Experience'. The tour begins and ends in Bangkok, with visits to both ancient temples and waterfalls, to complete your Thailand Experiences journey.

'Balance Yourself' aims to bring you back into alignment with your inner being. It's also a great chance for two or more friends to share a retreat experience together!
Thailand Experiences are currently offering 10% off with this Promo Code: 

Isn't it about time that our beautiful island was appreciated for the spiritual sustenance it brings us, too?… Good work, Thailand Experiences!

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