Samui Prison Support

FYI: Info on this page is for the benefit of families and supporters of Koh Samui Prison inmates.    
If you are interested in being of assistance - or if we can be of assistance to you - please email us on: 

Write letters, visit, buy fruit and water, donate

Samui Prison Visit - What to Expect
16 farang in an island jail cell, what to expect on a prison visit

A step-by-step guide to help you through the process of visiting
You can still buy all important supplies even if you don't visit

Thai Prison Time : The Inside Story
Articulate, hard-hitting and philosophical, 
*Alex returned home to Sweden recently after his Thai prison ordeal

6am: The captain wakes up by blowing a whistle...

Peaceful... heart-warming... spine chilling

'Koh Samui Prison represents the greatest lesson in patience and humility 
that there ever was.'  Sheik Yer Booty's prison tales
Why I feel compelled to help - for those wondering why anyone would

Dinner Time: Koh Samui Prison Menu 
Fish head soup and foul smelling rice? If you are lucky enough, 
you have funds to order extra food from the prison shop
Reality Hits Home - Life After Thai Jail
9 months after his release from Samui & Klong Prem, 
one ex-inmate faces new challeges 'on the out'

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