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Sensational Super Flu Full Moon

'It was about time... and now it is happening already for the second time in a row! The Full Moon Party gets some proper sound! Yeaaaaaahaaa!!! Come down to the beach and let's celebrate…'  
Thailand Experiences, Mar 2014

Super Flu at Full Moon Party Koh Phangan
Sensational Super Flu at Hansa Beach Full Moon Party, Koh Phangan

Super Flu @ Hansa Beach Full Moon Party

Hansa stage Full Moon Party Koh Phangan
Super Flu Full Moon
Right before our eyes, the Full Moon Party is undergoing a Sea Change. Suddenly, in the last few months, the Hansa Beach main stage is beginning to blaze an underground trail in Haad Rin, by bringing quality music to the Full Moon Party. 

A brave and daring attempt to turn the crowd away from the electro, florescent commercialism since the Millennium? Do these lights and lasers hail a coming of a time, where the No 1 Party Festival is due to be taken seriously for its music, too? 

As Thai Party for Me had said, it was impossible not to notice the big Hansa Beach party. The strobes and lasers shone out into the sky and sea, and could be seen the whole way along the beach. Hansa Beach's new stage set up was announcing itself - We are the Full Moon Party! - and heralding its arrival on the Full Moon Party stage.

And what a stage of underground talent! Star DJ Super Flu would be taking us 'Deeper into the Night', supported by some of the island's best underground house DJs: Benoit C, Pablo Escobud, Darragh Casey & Cortex. This was one event not to be missed, with an amazing set up 'to blow all other parties away on the beach', in dancer AJ's words.

Fire artist at Hansa Full Moon Party Koh Phangan
The Night Begins at Hansa Beach.
"Good on Hansa Beach, Benoit, Darragh & co, for getting proper music to the Full Moon Party!
It was about time for this change"

"Nice work Kenny Hansa & Benoit for bringing in some fresh sounds 
for us dancers…
We appreciate it, I bet this is only 
the beginning"

The Night Begins…
On podium, a fire artist with dragon tattoo on his chest is lashing his fire whips, as lasers criss cross the sky above him. The Full Moon is shining down like the precious jewel in Mission Impossible, surrounded by a lattice of lasers. The fire spinners are lighting up the Full Moon Party disco inferno - burn, baby, burn! This is how the night at Hansa Beach begins...

Could this be Ibiza or Koh Phangan?
Could this be Ibiza or Koh Phangan?
Super Flu @ Hansa Beach 
Full Moon Party

'It's happening tonight! 
Super Flu is playing at the Full Moon Party! Brilliant line-up overall! We are stoked and cant wait anymore!'

Waves are crashing in the distance… As tonight Hansa brings the deep and funky underground to the Full Moon Party. Girls in fleuro tutus are shaking their thing, but the gathering crowd is starting to seem like it wouldn't look amiss in Ibiza! As four of the five Hansa DJs arrive on stage, Thai Party for Me turn up just at the right time… 

Full Moon Party DJs Darragh Casey Benoit C Pablo Escobud & Super Flu
Hansa Talent: DJs Darragh Casey, Benoit C, Super Flu & Pablo Escobud
Hansa stage at Full Moon party
Hansa stage @ Full Moon Party
Fireworks launch out of front stage - Benoit had said Kenny had a few tricks up his sleeve! - and there is energetic movement on the Hansa dance floor to Pablo's groovy tunes. We are going bouncy, crowd pleasing, tech house underground, as circus sister Ana grabs me up on stage like an acrobat. This is fun, isn't it? It's Showtime! 

DJ Pabloscobud at Full Moon Party
DJ Pablo Escobud
Pablo is jumping up and down on stage, and as Darragh takes over Marco Loco & Danny Nation, the Ibiza contingent, are in the house! Kate's in the crowd with Super Flu's blonde Mathius and his happy German energy, while Notker from Thailand Experiences is dancing to Darragh Casey, ecstatic: "Breathing life in to the Full Moon, Yay!" 

Star DJ Super Flu at Full Moon Party
Super Flu in the Hansa FMP House!
Strobes, black light, laser shows, Germanic Underground Grooves: It's time for Super Flu! Happy tribal drums, soulful vocals, deep house, tribal beats... and we are back to that beautiful house music! Put Your Hands Together, Deeper Into The Night, and as we get into the magical time of 3am, Super Flu is bringing out his productions…. 
Recognisable Super Flu beats: How Do We Get So High? Dawn breaks, the first rosy hues of colour are streaks in the sky… and this is the fun bit! 
Full Moon Party resident DJ Benoit C
Hansa Resident Benoit C
Taking over from Super Flu, Benoit is in his element. He's going deep and banging, with low vibrating funkin' basslines. Benoit plays Imprint of Pleasure: it's dawn music, it has the desired effect on the dancing crowd, and he's mixing them up this morning! We are hands in the air, dancing in the Haad Rin sands, the Hula Hoop circle leading our way with their grace and beauty of movement... 
… In tune with their own expressive spirit and the happy dancing crowd, and the spirit of this Hansa Full Moon Party! 
Benoit C and Phangan party Girls

It will be interesting to see what Hansa Beach brings out of the bag next Full Moon.
Speaking for myself, this Koh Phangan party girl can't wait!

© Mia Escobud 2014
Photos courtesy of Thai Party for Me & Mia Escobud

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