Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Love You Long Time Koh Phangan

haad rin beach koh phangan
The beauty of Haad Rin from the Koh Phangan hills
Take a Bird's Eye view of Full Moon Party beach from the hills above Haad Rin, and it's easy to remember why we all arrived here in the first place. 

That pristine natural beauty out of a Robinson Crusoe episode calls to our senses of fun in the sun - and frolics in a tropical playground - where we can all finally be ourselves and the people we want to be: Alive, free - and as beautiful as the tropical island surrounding us.

haad yuan beach koh phangan
Alive, free - and as beautiful as the tropical island surrounding us. 

Koh Phangan has always been the home of the beautiful people, or rather, the Koh Phangan energy always brought the beauty out of every one of us. As it still does today.

The island is inhabited by a neo-hippy community, living outside of the bounds of Western society's normal restrictions.  Hidden from most amidst the palm groves, they dance in elation under the sun - as the moon makes its way around the lunar party calendar.

Full Moon, Half Moon, Black Moon: all are in the worldly traveller's consciousness, but there is a very different and vibrant underground scene taking place on Koh Phangan. A community of like minded people who like to party hard - and then relax to the max - are found gathering here, even in low season... 

We are a different breed on Koh Phangan.

natural beauty of haad rin beach from the jungle

Now high season is nearly upon us, and the Koh Phangan tribe is gathering! As more long-termers arrive on the island day by day, the excitement of another high season in the sun is beckoning, with its promise of long-time friendship, uplifting music, ecstatic dance… and wild times!

I guess that's why we are all still here, all these seasons later.

Love you long time, Koh Phangan.

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