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Koh Samui: A Universal Power Spot

'A kaftan'd figure crossed my view. No, it couldn't be, could it?  Remarkably familiar... Yes it was, it was Shelley! My bosum buddy from Millenium Bird. It was obviously meant to be, the synchronicity and spiritual vortex of the Samui islands bringing us back together...'  V is for Vortex, Part 1: Mia's Koh Phangan Diaries 2001

Koh Samui in the distance from Koh Phangan

2001: V is for Vortex, Part 2

I'd been for a swim when I arrived at the Healing Child for my retreat on Koh Samui, and now as I sat on the beach I took an overview of Koh Phangan and found myself at the other end of the diagonal. A flip of reality, the reversed image of paradise, just as beautiful, the sea just as shimmeringly calm; Phangan now as blue and as calling as Samui had been over the last few days. Phangan had been calling Shelley too...

The sunset sky was still awash with colours, although the sun was obscured from setting by the next promontory of land around the bay to Na Thon: not quite the spectacular rainbow sunset I'd witnessed yesterday from Koh Phangan. 

Aiming for meditation class at 7pm but overcome by the day's exuberance, Shelley and I were buzzing around like spiritual fairies; drawing pictures in the sand, making sand castles, telling stories. Hardly the state of mind to be entering one-pointed calm. So we abandoned our good intentions for the morrow and went to catch up over dinner.  

After some grounding conversations we went to bed, heads full of the weird and wonderful. "Now: What planet are you from?", Shelley had asked after telling of her two astrologer friends who claimed they were from Sirius. You cannot be Sirius!

And my reaction was immediate: Planet Earth, man! Isn't that good enough? Isn't that amazing enough in itself? Shelley went to bed, mumbling she just had to find out what planet she was from now...
Weird and wonderful, and it wasn't just us:  

Sunset meditation women sending out the love!

Beautiful athletic women on the beach in meditation; monk-like young men with intense eyes; the village of hippy commune residents and families. The fasties, sat at their end away from the smells of the restaurant; the foodies, gloriously tucking in and smoking cigarettes. Meditation teachers with mad staring eyes, beautiful and free young children...  

And everybody energetic, engaging: free open communication - just like in the old days at Haad Rin. That's what it reminded me of.

In the restaurant I found a book hidden from view, a book on the merging of Eastern mysticism and the new physics; a book stating the inter-relatedness of all things, of all matter, and I read two paragraphs on the interwoven fabric of reality.
Sitting on my balcony now, with incense burning in the doorway, I perched cross-legged and I found that my peace was returning. I had a beautiful unspoilt view of palmy garden and a view out there to infinity. One pointed-calm. The here-and-now, the ever-changing physical moment. What better meditation could there possibly be?

'I want to know if you can be alone with yourself, and if you truly like the company you keep in the empty moments... If you dare to dream of meeting your heart's longing.... If you will risk looking a fool for love, for your dream, for the adventure of being alive...'  The Invitation, Orion Mountain Dreamer

Koh Samui palm trees silhouettes on orange sunset

ADVENTURE, again.  
The adventure of being alive, and meditating on the here-and-now in this beautiful paradise, I was led to see again how we are all connected.  That I was from this earth, and a part of this earth, that I could no more leave it than I could climb that palm tree and take off. I was bound to it; I was grounded. 

Maybe that's what I needed to come here to do. 
To ground myself for the adventure ahead... 
'No man is an island, entire of himself' John Donne, 1624 
We are all connected!

And wasn't it amazing enough (a veritable miracle, says our mad-eyed meditation guru) to be living consciousness from this planet? I come from mother earth for sure, I belong to mother earth - I am mother earth! I was tranquil, grounded and connected.

Back at the resort, looking for that Eastern Mysticism book again in vain, I came across the Universal Power Spot leaflet on Koh Samui:

A Universal Power Spot

The extent of the energy activity taking place in this area is not simply a coincidence.  There is a significant vortex of energy (call it electromagnetic, cosmic vibration or whatever else) in the surrounding area.  

The centre of the vortex is in the Gulf of Thailand, between Koh Samui and the Cambodian coast. Angkor Wat, Cambodia's ancient and fabulous temple complex are actually, like Koh Samui, equidistant from the centre of the vortex.

View of the Koh Samui channel in the Gulf of Thailand

According to research relating to the Earth's energy grid, which is the electromagnetic field that surrounds the planet, there are energy meridians that intersect in certain “power spot” locations. As in Hermetic Law - as above, so below - these correspond to acupuncture points on the human body.  

One of the major locations is near Koh Samui (there are thousands of minor locations), while others of similar significance are the Pyramids, Stone Henge, the Bermuda Triangle, Macchu Picchu & the Chernobyl area.  

It is related to sacred geometry and Merkaba Fields. I can see how profoundly this affects people's lives. They are drawn here, often unconsciously, to recharge their inner batteries with this unique cosmic energy...

At last, someone else putting into words what I've always felt. I've been saying it for years; there's some kind of force field here, some kind of energy permeating through to us: These islands aren't just beautiful, they are knock-you-down breathless and awestruck beautiful, firing your soul, lifting your imagination, opening up your 7th chakra and connecting you to the Earth, to the Divine, to the cosmos.   

Koh Phangan in the distance from Big Buddha pier Koh Samui

I've never been so enraptured with a place my whole life and nor will I ever be.  If I am a being of love & light then this is my source, just like I always thought it was, the place to gather energy for the road ahead; the home-coming.

Inspiration and affirmation was what I was after, and I was finding plenty of it.

Mia Escobud Feb 2001
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