Friday, 17 January 2014

A Month of Sundays at Loi Lay

Loi Lay has been going off for the last month! 

The Floating Bar's floorboards have been jumping up and down frenetically ever since DJ Absolud graced the decks a month ago.  I love Absolud's music; I heard him play at MAYA and he certainly rocked my boat… as he did the Sunday Boat Party!

We missed that night as we were over on Koh Samui at KC Beach Club, but we bumped into Lud, Darragh and Kate at the pier on our return to Koh Phangan.  Darragh was peaking, saying it had been the best Loi Lay ever!

A Spiritual Experience - Loi Lay's Sunday Boat Party
The next week it was Loi Lay's last party of the year on Dec 29th: expected to be a quiet night, it surprised everyone, with the floorboards pumping ever higher all night long.

Darragh, Pablo & Dan Buri nailed it, as blogged about here:  Music In My Koh Phangan Soul, and it was an amazing way to see the New Year out... with Jungle, MAYA and NYE Full Moon Party to follow!

How could it get any better?  Easy!  Bring the one and only Marco Loco back into the mix!  We were treated to more genius from the maestro himself two weeks ago, with his infectious energy rocking the floating bar. 

Marco Loco working his infectious genius
The highlight for me was when Marco sampled Yves Murasca's All About House Music over Lizzie Curious' much feted remix of Nine Toes. Pure utter genius!

In James Trystan's words: "He knows how to get the crowd going, he’s a real pro.  I caught a big chunk of his set (at Dreamers NYE) and it was world class, as you’d expect.  He’s a real crowd pleaser and what’s more important is he’s a nice guy." 

"What’s more important is he’s a nice guy." 

"There’s too many DJs on the scene who have an over inflated opinion of themselves because they’ve had some success.  Marco has his head on his shoulders and that’s why the crowd buys into him: because his music is good and he’s genuine."

Marco Loco is back on Koh Phangan at MAYA on 18th Jan and at Loi Lay again on 19th Jan!

Last week it was Hawie, Baz & Pablo's turn to rock the Sunday Boat Party again, and there were plenty of old familiar faces in the crowd.  Richy the Lion Tamer Hart was back in the Koh Phangan house, along with Koh Phangan DJs Lady Oh & Skunky, Kuma and Andy Newman...

Plenty of old familiar faces in the crowd!

Baz, under his Radio Rental moniker, was banging out the deep house classics of the season.  As Pablo took over the decks from him, Richy turned to me: "I know what Pablo's going to do now - he's going to go DEEP!"

I laughed back at Richy: Pablo doesn't know what deep is!Especially not at 2am on the Floating Bar!
Pablo doesn't know what deep is!

Richy Lion Tamer Hart back 
in da Koh Phangan house!!
He does know what funky, euphoric, vocal house music is though, and sure enough, 15mins into his set, Richy was coming back to me: "Pablo's just raised the level in here by 20 metres!" 

Richy said he was dying to make my blog, so here he is, in true colours, the party boy we know and love - Welcome back to Thailand!

Eve: "The best music ever!" 
Banging floorboards, cutting shapes and hands in the air were de riguer for the next 3hrs. 

At 4am I was at the bar with DJ Andy Newman. 
"I love Loi Lay!", he said to me. "It's like going to church!" Understanding Andy immediately, I still needed him to clarify what he meant:

"It's Sunday, you get to catch up with all your best mates and listen to the best tunes; it's like our weekly social!"

So there you go, going to Loi Lay on a Sunday is like going to church.  A community gathering, and a shared spiritual experience on the Floating Bar dance floor!

Pablo's last track of the night: I'm so grateful
I Love Loi Lay! See you at the Sunday Boat Party!