Monday, 3 June 2013

Phangan Party Girl - Fire Queen Natasha 'Pout' Shaw

'Natasha reminds me of a Moulin Rouge Creature of the Underworld...'

The first time I met the beautiful Natasha on an improvised podium last year (the benches at Loi Lay Floating Bar), I knew I'd found a new dance partner!  

She had the same mad, double-time dancing energy as me, and a smile as wide as her face as we grooved it up quicktime to those tech-house beats.

The music seemed to move her, 
as opposed to her moving to the music!
Natasha was our Tarzan Girl from Tales of the Underground - The Castle Koh Tao:

'Jungle Experience performer Natasha is following suit, shaking her touche in green fringed skirt - like Tarzan Girl! - says a delighted Kat Castle...'  

And to me, Fire Performer & Dancer Natasha 'Pout' Shaw was always a Fire Queen Goddess, captured brilliantly in this Phanganist photo ...

She is Jungle Experience's Fire Queen, Podium Dancer & PR Girl when in town.

As she becomes Phangan Party Girl for this month, 
Natasha talks about her Underworld performances, magical places... 
and her best ever costumes to date - Minnie included!