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Tech House Legend JAY LUMEN at Dreamers Koh Samui

The Koh Phangan Massive made its way over to Koh Samui on Nov 7th for an evening at Dreamers Beach Club, Koh Samui with one of the superstars of our tech house time - Koh Phangan favourite Producer/DJ Jay Lumen

Top producer Jay Lumen @ Dreamers Koh Samui
An entourage of Koh Phangan DJs, promoters and party people - the real PPP, 'Phangan Party People', as Graham Gold had it - were out in force to show our respect to good music and listen to one of the legends in our field: Beatport chart topper and tech house producer extraordinaire Jay Lumen.

Koh Phangan DJs in the Dreamers' House tonight:  Aaron Fevah, Graham Gold, Darragh Casey, Pablo Escobud, T GeckoLady Oh, Rob Gritton, Guy Fidelity, Thai DJ LinType 1 and Samui resident DJ Absolud

Photos courtesy of  Thai Party for .Me

Add a tribe from Jungle Experience along with factions of the Phangan Party Crew and there must have been 25-30 of us - including some of Koh Phangan's party-loving Italian restaurant owners, tucking in to a bottle of Jack Daniels for the princely sum of 4,000bt and dancing away at their table!

Paupers to princes, these Koh Phangan island types scrubbed up well. Dressed to impress, they were quite at home on the Moet Chandon cushioned sofas sipping VIP welcome drinks up in the Sky Lounge. Under a white high top, this beautiful beach club has similar branches in both Ibiza and Marbella...

It's a trending theme over the last few years on Koh Samui, these beautiful, classy venues filled with gorgeous clientele, providing the luxury and comfort that the higher echelons of Samui society are becoming accustomed to!

The indoor pool swims in its opulence on the lower level, an exquisite centre piece which leads out to the beach stage, where tonight Aaron Fevah is playing the perfect warm up set - to the banging tech house he knows is to come. 

But it's rainy season on the islands and as Aaron starts to battle the rain, we're looking out from the top level at the thunder and lightening begin to trip off on the Big Buddha sky line.

As the downpour intensifies Aaron makes a quick decision, and within a few minutes the decks and monitors are brought upstairs to the Dreamers Sky Lounge. Yippee! That means we all get to see Jay Lumen play right amidst us - without anyone having to brace the rain!

"I've got more tracks of his than any other producer", says Guy Fidelity, and Jay Lumen has been a favourite of ours since Pablo used to play The Groovy Stuff in 2011. Going much tech harder recently, 'proper tech house' says Guy, Jay Lumen is very much at the top of his game, with his two releases Nobody and No Money No Honey at No.1 and No.7 in the Beatport charts at the time of his Koh Samui Dreamers debut.

After partying at Cha Cha Moon the next night and mixing it up 
with Dreamers resident DJ Antonio and Koh Phangan's Darragh Casey, 
Jay Lumen flew to Bangkok on Saturday night to play at Glow. 
As Jay Lumen took to the Dreamers' decks, the Sky Lounge's electric blinds rolled down to protect us from the storming night and we were in for a cosy intimate affair with a legend in our midst. The perfect night out - a Dreamer's treat and a night to remember on the islands!

There have been many times over the years when we've heard the big boys play, to find the superstars sometimes come up short to our island DJs' 2hr sets (Koh Phangan has some of the best music heard anywhere and is capable of blowing similar party islands out of the water, in my honest opinion)!...

There is a tribe of unsung DJs on Koh Phangan with a high standard of musical talent, which is always a pleasure to come home to after summer tours abroad! So how did Jay Lumen fair against our exacting Ibiza of the East expectations? 

The Koh Phangan massive are having it on the dance floor, 
and Jay Lumen is a luminous success!
Yes he rocked it, and he rocked it for the whole 2hrs, 'on fire' as he pulled out banger after banger! Unnoticed by much of the crowd he did play one track twice, but as Darragh said, sure it wasn't it his own track? You'd play your own track twice as well if it was Beatport No.1... 

All Hail the Gods of Tech House!

And big love to Dreamers for the evening's exquisite taste in tech house music.

Dreamers one and all.

© Mia Escobud 2013
Photos courtesy of  Thai Party for .Me

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