Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Full Moon Party Week, Koh Phangan

It's a busy week on the Thai islands! Full Moon this month is Oct 19th, which means the week leading up to the infamous Full Moon Party is always full on with party preparations, DJ line-ups & underground parties.

The madness starts in earnest with the first of two Jungle Experience parties four days before Full Moon, although by that time we're already full on with party promo and DJ sets.

We've also just had the finals of the Poo Ton Police Football Cup followed by the closing party, with free flowing beer and entertainment at the Police Station. 

It was a great two weeks of entertainment and community spirit, but having a thick head didn't exactly help at the start of this busiest of weeks!

Quinte KL underground DJ and club owner, Alex Martin, was flying in from KL and Beijing to support returning headliner and Jungle favourite Randy Seidman and it was fun fun fun in the Jungle last night...

Pablo came on for the last few hours with an early morning techno set and we were still raging at 7.30am, with the crowd whooping and whistling for one more when he finished up already over time! 

We've recorded the set and are sending it off to our Dutch friends at Radio Diego's Techno Department as they are big fans of Pablo's techno music. Come to think of it, I'll have to send it off to the Canadian guys at The EDM Array too!

And tonight - exciting - we're headed to a new location in the Baan Tai jungle for a new party. With a stellar island line-up to dream of, we know we're in for a night of Voodoo magic! Can't wait, awesome flyer!

After tonight we get a night off… then it's back to Jungle Experience itself for a Full Moon Party warm up treat: Orbital's Phil Hartnoll headlining with Randy Seidman and local support!  

We've had a power cut all day here on the islands, and I just hope I can now access Phil Hartnoll's answers and get his Phanganist interview written up in time. Oh the dilemmas of island life...

Oh yes, and then it will be Full Moon… ;)

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