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Reticulated Python Release with Samui Snake Rescue

Seriously Killer Content: Snakeman Phil from Samui Snake Rescue releases Reticulated Pythons into the wild in Thailand.

Samui Snake Rescue releases Reticulated Pythons - Video transcript, Part 1:
Mel: OK, so here we are in Koh Samui, up in the palm jungle and the rainforest, the mountainside. Here's Phil with a small 2.5m - see the tongue there? - beautiful reticulated python.
Speaking to Phil: Is he going to restrict your arm straight away? Is that a problem, or not?
Mel: Pablo's got to put the lid on the box so the next snake doesn't get out, and here we are, Phil's getting ready to go. We've got 3 snakes today, this is the smallest one. We need to release it near a water source, so it can have a drink. It can go months without food…
Phil: Do you want to grab the tail and wind him off me? Pull the tail and just wind him off.
Mel: Wow. Ok, yes, so grabbing hold of the tail, like that, like I'm unwrapping a rope. OK, like that.
And away he goes. Bang! One released to the wild.
Phil: See, he's coming right back at me.
Mel: Straight back at you! Away you go, little lovey. You're free now. And there you go, released into the wild...

Samui Snake Rescue releases Reticulated Pythons - Video transcript, Part 2:
Mel: Here we are, Koh Samui, Samui Snake Rescue, with Phil and Pablo. We are just about to release the 2nd Reticulated Python. This one should be 3.5m. Beautiful yellow colouring…
Is this the big one, Phil?
Phil: No. Well it's a big one, but not the big one.
Mel: Wow! So this is a three and a half metre… wow, look at that. Tongue's flashing a little bit. Is it heavy? How heavy is it Phil?
Phil: This one? He's not so heavy actually, Mel. He's not even 10 kilos, if that.
Mel: OK. We've got a beautiful habitat to release him into to…. He's coming back to us…
Pablo: Wow. Look at that!
Mel: He wants to get up into a tree. Some of them hang out in trees. He's gone straight into that burrow there. There he goes. Away he goes down there.
Phil: He's here mate, he's gone up the tree.
Pablo: I see him, mate.
Mel: Is he going up the tree? So he's climbing the tree. We've got this lovely habitat up in the Koh Samui jungle for his new home. He'll eat rats, mammals, anything hot-blooded. No reptiles or fish. He could be prey for a King Cobra, which is probably why he's gone up the tree. And there we go. Released into the wild. One more to go. We've got a 4.5m reticulated python still to release.
Phil: He'll probably sleep in there today, then when it gets dark he'll go off over there…

Monster Python Release in Koh Samui Jungle - Video transcript, Part 1:
Mel: OK, 3rd snake of the day. We've got a thick and dense, dark jungle habitat for the star of the show.
Phil: Hello, big man.
Mel: A four and a half metre Reticulated Python. And this one is about 20kg, says Phil! And there we go, in all its glory. Let's try and get a little bit closer. Wow. So he's not quite as yellow as the others. Is he older then, Phil?
Phil: Yes. See the size of the head? Usually the more mature they are, the bigger the head is. All snakes can grow throughout their life…
Mel: Is he going to freak out at me?
Phil: You can never tell the true age of snakes, really.
Mel: So it depends on what he's eaten, you were saying as well? So it depends on the prey he's eating as to how big he gets, is that right?
Phil: Yes, pretty much. He's coming straight for you, look, Mel.
Mel: Yes, look. Does he like me?
Phil: Look at that! Look at that. He's off.
Mel: Wow! So is that the movement that you were talking about, Phil? What did you call that movement, when he moves?
Phil: This is serpentine. That's called serpentine, that is. Here you are. Look at that, now!
Mel: OK and he's ready to go off to his new home. Wow! And away you go! He's a MONSTER! And there he goes into his new habitat.
Phil: How cool is that?
Mel: He's away, man.

Monster Python Release in Koh Samui Jungle - Video transcript, Part 2:
Phil: Oh, he's coming back round, look, he's doubled back on us, he's doubled back.
Mel: Are we his prey? (Nervous laugh)…
Phil: Yes. I'm not joking.
Mel: Really?
Pablo: No, he is. He is, too.
Phil: Pythons stalk people, mate.
Mel: (Chokes on her words) And what is the biggest prey they'd take? Would they take... would they take… would they take a human?
Phil: He's coming straight back up at us, mate.
Mel: Wow. He likes you, Phil. He doesn't want to leave you. He's had a nice time with you.
Pablo: He is. He's coming right back up.
Phil: Straight up.
Mel: Wow.
Phil: Hello matey! Do you remember me?
Mel: (Talking to the snake) Is that your friend?
Phil: No. (Talking to the snake) Because you want to kill me, don't you.
Mel: (Laughs out loud.) So he would strike at you, if he wanted to kill you, he would grab on, then he would wrap himself around you, and constrict you. And that's what pythons do, isn't it?
Phil: Oh yeah.
Mel: Oh yeah.
Phil: He's going the right way now.
Mel: He's going the right way. He's decided, hopefully, maybe we're too big, and away he goes.
Phil: No, he's doubling straight back round. Come on, we're going.

Mel: (Laughing) Come on, we're going. OK, and that's our Samui Snake Rescue, and we don't want to become the prey, so we're away.

Thanks to our good friend, Snakeman Phil, for taking us along on his journey to release these striking creatures into their native habitat. 

If you are on Koh Samui and you find a snake of any kind in your house, garden or resort, please do call Phil for assistance on Samui Snake Rescue 08-96635085. 

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