Koh Phangan Tales

Love You Long Time Koh Phangan 
The gathering of the Koh Phangan tribe in the pristine Thai Tropics...
I'm Still Dreaming Koh Phangan 1993
A little piece of raver's paradise, based on my 1993 diary  

It's easy to Slate the Full Moon Party, 
but isn't it TIME we told the Koh Phangan truth?

Wild Times: Full Moon Party 1994
A week after arriving back on the Thai islands,  
the Dec 1994 Full Moon Party was beckoning... 

A Love Affair with the Haad Rin Queen
A journey on the Haad Rin Queen is transportation in more ways than one...

How to Stay Safe on the Paradise Thai Islands 
Cultural Thai attitudes and travellers advice

Howly the Toughest 7/11 Soi Dog on the Block
How Howly became the toughest Soi Dog on the streets of Koh Phangan

Funeral Rites on Koh Phangan 
How to cope with grief, Thai lessons No. 1 & 2...
Back to the Beginning - Koh Phangan 1993
'Koh Samui was the only island I'd heard of back then: 
It was my friends who had heard the Koh Phangan rumour…'

Koh Phangan Dreams: Haad Rin Sunset 1993
The wonder of coming to rest on a South East Asian shoreline
on a tropical palm-lined beach...

India to Bangkok, Thailand 1993
 Back to the beginning: the naivety 
of a 21yr old's new found freedom.

Mystical East: Bangkok 1993
 Arrival to Bangkok for the first time - 
a wide-eyed 21 year old's Far Eastern diary entry.

V is for Vortex, Part 1 - Diaries 2001
 Universal power spot and energy vortex: a rainbow sunset 
on Full Moon Party island Koh Phangan

V is for Vortex, Part 2 - Diaries 2001
 Koh Samui meditation retreat: weird 
and wonderful cosmic energy on the Thai islands

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