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Haad Rin Sunset, Full Moon Party island

Mia's Koh Phangan Diaries 
Feb 2001 : V is for Vortex, Part 1

The sun had been a glorious orb, glowing a fiery orange as it slowly disappeared behind a distant island on the horizon: A beautiful sunset to see us off on our travels. 

Pablo was heading to Hua Hin, but for me Samui was calling; I was on my way to the Healing Child meditation retreat on Bang Po beach for three days of quietude and relaxation, of yoga & chi kung, on Koh Phangan's sister island...

Haad Rin sunset on Full Moon Party island, Koh Phangan
Koh Phangan sunset from Haad Rin,  Full Moon Party island

A red swathe now burned across the horizon, thrown up from the belly of purple land and sea. Above the colours fused imperceptibly to stratus layers of orange & yellow, underscored by reddy-pinks and covered with a thin huey layer of green. On to blues and violets, under attack from the darkening night.

Papa Bird came to sit with us for the remnants of the rainbow sunset, the sky dominated now with red, as a fleet of chameleon submarine clouds went floating by. 

Papa told of the days when he harvested coconuts before the farangs came, how he'd sell them at market in Haad Rin and Baan Tai along with the fish he caught in the sea, and we imagined idyllic days of beauty and bounty.  

The arrival of concrete had signalled a demise to many a traveller this past year, a demise of this much exalted mythological paradise, but I didn't believe you'd ever beat the energy out of it; you'd still be able to sit here, as I was sitting now, witnessing the spiritual spectacle of the setting sun - changeless for eons on its predetermined path through the sky! 

As we watched the sky slowly turn to a rainbow of colours, we found the crescent moon smiling down upon us, with Venus forming a beautiful conjunction up and to the right. The crescent moon crown of the Inner Voice goddess from my tarot cards, connecting her to the cosmos!

Inner Voice goddess card from the Osho tarot
Inner Voice, Osho tarot
... And then he was gone. 

On the balcony I adjusted to my temporary singledom; a dull ache, an empty hammock where he'd previously been sitting for weeks.  As I sat there, the hammock began to mirror the crescent moon crown leading up to the starry night sky above, and I started to focus in on infinity...

'To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower   
Hold Inifinity in the palm of your Hand
And Eternity in an Hour'   -   Auguries of Innocence, William Blake 

Somewhere while he was still over the the Haad Rin hills it hit me: 'We are all connected', that recently come-across phrase bobbing again into my consciousnessness.

Pablo Escobud taking a deserted walk on Haad Yao east Koh Phangan
Pablo taking a walk on a deserted Koh Phangan beach
That Pablo and I were still connected, would always be always connected, from past life connections till we look after each other in the next life, & vice versa, ad infinitum.  This is what hit me.  My consciousness was taken from earthly localities to cosmic understanding:  I saw the whole picture... We are all connected!

I awoke early the next morning, then went to sit in half lotus on the beach to meditate on Samui.  Those elephantine humps, those misty blue-grey hills were a-calling as if from a dream, just as they had been calling through the rainbow sunset. Samui was beckoning. I homed in on what I imagined to be Bang Po, across on the diagonal - my next destination - and envisaged myself looking back across to Haad Rin later that afternoon.

I crossed over the 15km channel to Samui quite uneventfully, and before I knew it I was walking down the garden path to the Healing Child. A Thai guy pointed me in the direction of the reception, and a kaftan'd figure crossed my view. No, it couldn't be, could it?  Remarkably familiar... Yes it was, it was Shelley! My bosum buddy from Millenium Bird.  

Out of touch for the last 6 months, we were both unaware where the other was, and to walk in on my spiritual retreat and find her to be the first person I came across, well, I was rapt with portentious delight! It was obviously meant to be, the synchronicity and spiritual vortex of the Samui islands bringing us back together...

Elephantine humps of the Koh Samui hills in the distance

KOH SAMUI - A Universal Power Spot

'Koh Samui and it's surrounding areas attract visitors who often remain here for much longer than they initially planned and/or keep coming back on a regular basis.  Visitors have experienced changes in their lives by simply visiting the islands and have been drawn to some form of inner reflection and adjustment. The extent of the energy activity taking place in this area is not simply a coincidence...'

Leaflet at Healing Child, Koh Samui, 2001

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