Monday, 7 April 2014

Golden Days at Sandcastle Club

Under the thatched canopy of the Sandcastle Club, under rattan roof and upon sandy dance floor, the Hansa Beach/ Sandcastle team are bringing the love back home to Haad Rin… 

Why Not Wednesday - Dawn at Sandcastle Club, Haad Rin
And me, a Haad Rin girl at heart. A sandy beach club in my old hometown! Of course I was always going to fall in love with the place. And I'm not alone, either…

Pioneer Dawn at Sandcastle Club

For the last six months, something very special has been happening in Haad Rin. An underground club, open to the elements and with views like this in the morning, has continually been playing the most beautiful music every week ... No wonder Sandcastle Club has been stealing our dancing hearts! 

Dance, dance, dance: Koh Phangan spirit permeating the dance floor everywhere you look. Magic times, magic parties, magic people… and magic DJs. It's been a season full of them.

In keeping with the Hansa/Sandcastle theme of bringing quality underground DJs and good music to Haad RinThailand Experiences have been invited back to Why Not Wednesday at Sandcastle Club this April 9th. Their back-to-back DJs Sorry 4 Delay and MPM80 had us all alive and grooving our thing to a full dance floor last week!

They join an impressive roster of Sandcastle DJs in the last month. Why Not Wednesday has played host to Resident DJ Benoit C's pick of highly respected DJs and underground talent on the island: Mantra, Pablo Escobud, Miguel Matoz & Darragh Casey to name a few

But wait, it gets more exciting: This Why Not Wednesday, Sandcastle Club is also bringing back the original King of the Koh Phangan Underground house scene, David Chong. Beauty of music and genius behind the decks! Coming back to Sandcastle Club, Why Not Wednesday 9th April!!

Sorry 4 Delay and MPM80 had this to say on hearing the news: "David Chong is one of the founders of the electronic scene on the island, we hear! This is so awesome and an honour to play on the same line up!!! We are very excited to play at Sandcastle again, to deliver our feelings to the crowd!" We can't wait, either…

Dancers and Characters

Over the months, we've made so many new found friends on the Sandcastle dance floor; the dancers and characters of the season are all new best friends. There are the crazy, lovely Russians, whose love of dance inspires us. There are big wide hugs and smiles, and continental kisses on both cheeks from the Italians and Frenchies, too. 

Girls greet each other with innocent kisses on the lips - more a sense of free spirit than free love, although you will find plenty of love in your dancing partners' open embrace on the Sandcastle dance floor.

Fun fun fun, you can't keep us away, especially in that magical period when Benoit C is on the decks and the dawn beckons. The dance floor is full of pretty girls and bare chested guys, feeling a connection to each other, to the music, and to the dance. 

Why Not Wednesday?

One morning, as Anastasia and I are dancing on the sandy dance floor with the break of dawn, I get it: We are dancing on the sacred sands, like the fire bird, the phoenix rising from the Haad Rin ashes. 

Venus is in the sky, her intoxicating energy mingling with the high piano chords, beautiful music for a beautiful dawn at the Sandcastle Club. Is this the rejuvenation, the breath of life back into Haad Rin?

This month, it's all about the Sandcastle Club, with a special underground event also taking place on Full Moon for one night only! But first this Why Not Wednesday, Sandcastle are promising you a line-up to remember. See you on the sandy dance floor!

Full Moon Party @ Sandcastle Club April 14th
* Mantra * Pablo Escobud * David Chong * Benoit C *

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