Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Day Party Koh Phangan Style

WE know how to party on the islands! From an all day party at the Secret Garden, to Christmas dinner at MerKaBa Beach Club, and on to the most amazing Christmas Rave in the jungle at Jungle Experience Koh Phangan, it was systems go all day…

Kawee Koh Phangan was working his Christmas magic with his Jesus Love Party down at the Secret Garden in Haad Rin, with a line-up of island residents on the decks from 10am to 10pm, to start off the Christmas Day festivities.  

Brimming with love as usual, Kawee invited us in his cute French accent, to "Come to love and be love, DANCE & FREE YOUR SOUL, & Kiss Your Life ! LoVeYourSelf ;-)" 

Lea and I were quite happy to get into festive spirit with him, and start off the merriment on the dance floor as we were served our morning coffee and croissant. 

My friend Notker had arrived for breakfast with his first Thailand Experiences tour of the season, and we soon had the newly landed Party Tour working off their organic brownies with a good old Christmas Day dance - welcome to Thailand, Koh Phangan style!

Pablo came on the decks at Kawee at 4pm, even though we'd just been invited to Christmas dinner at MerKaBa at the same time. A man of his word, he would have forsaken his Christmas dinner to not let Kawee down - and Pablo loves Christmas dinner! In fact, he'd been dreaming of it for days.  

So when I returned from MerKaBa half an hour later to say dinner was delayed, it was happy days all round! We spent another few hours spinning around Kawee's dance floor to Pablo's funky ass tunes… 

… before heading here, to MerKaBa Beach Club, for a divine Christmas dinner feast-up with friends.

Lucky, lucky us: minted roast lamb, pink roast beef, leeks and cabbage, Harmony Dave's home made stuffing and cauliflower cheese, roast potatoes and roasted veg… I'm salivating again just thinking about it. And such a beautiful location!

This most beautiful beach club close to Haad Rin has been crying out for a day party by the pool… and here it comes!! Season opening @ Mer Ka Ba Beach Club Sat 28th DJs Pablo Escobud Kaonashi Mr T Lance Red Eye le Funk will be on the decks from 3pm!

After a few glasses of red wine the clock was soon striking eight bells, and we had to leave our friends and Christmas dinner party at MerKaBa behind to make a dash to Jungle Experience, for the big event of the nightChristmas Night Jungle Rave!!!  

"Koh Phangan is becoming known worldwide for its underground movement, the music industry is paying attention. This event showcases just some of the Islands Resident DJ talents & the producers that are the foundation of the scene here. We want to say thank you for your support in 2013 & we look forward to a huge 2014 with you!"
Jungle Tribe

Nice piece of recognition from the Jungle for the island's underground DJs, who judging by Jungle's response the next morning didn't disappoint expectations: 
"Seriously great music last night!! Big love to the DJs" Jungle Experience

I know they didn't disappoint my expectations, my dancing feet were alive all day and all night, until I could dance no more. What a beautiful way to spend Christmas! 

Christmas Day Party Koh Phangan Style!

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