Thursday, 22 February 2018

Koh Phangan Art on Sale Proceeds to Prisoners Support

After recently visiting an old friend in prison, famed Koh Phangan artist Colin G Thomason decided that proceeds from his annual sale of artwork this year would go towards supporting foreign prisoners in Thai jail.


In an interview with Colin, he explains:

You may know that 2 years ago I sold several of my paintings at half price to raise money for Nepal after the earthquake?  Raised over 600 quid!  Last year, likewise, my annual sale raised a similar amount for a friend who does voluntary work in a poor Cambodian village.  I've been thinking what charity next?  Hey Presto, Prison Support!

Q. Half price back catalogues on sale?  Yes! My back catalog up to the end 2016 all on sale!

Q. How many paintings have you got on sale?  Hundreds!!  All on sale at a 50% discount!

Q. And you want them to go to good home?  Yes!! I dont want them where no one can see them... I want people to enjoy them!

Q. How will you spend the proceeds of this sale?  Proceeds go to the Prison Support Group to use as they see fit.  £89 in the pot already!!!

Q. Describe the genres you have going on sale?  How can I describe them??? Amazing!!

Q. What is your current inspiration?  Sci Fi weirdness... I hardly ever stop painting!!

Half Price Koh Phangan Art on Sale

Q. How long will the sale go on for?

This sale of Koh Phangan art will go on until the end of November 2018... (then a half price Xmas sale for an old fool with a wife, daughter, stepson and 2 cats to support!)

Q. What motivated you to give to the prisoners support group? 

I visited a friend in prison in Bangkok - a stark demonstration of the need for support.

Q. What's your market?

I'm marketing these paintings to Phangan friends or old acquaintances from the UK who would like to get my artwork at bargain prices... and all for a good cause! 

Any money raised until end Nov 2018 will be for the support group to use as they see fit - not only my friend!  Aiming to get any Phanganese friends in the UK to go down to Essex... a friend came up from Ramsgate to buy last year!

And of course this sale is open to all!  So I need publicity and some info for interested buyers, although some people dont give 2 hoots about charity - they just want to get a Colin G Thomason painting at an affordable price! 

And I get appreciative homes for my art... I want them to be enjoyed!

Q. OK Colin, tell us about your paintings that are up for sale! 

Photos of paintings here are all still available and are representative of a variety as there are so many!!!  There are Koh Phangan landscapes and seascapes, psychedelic art, charicatures, Sci Fi weirdness, snowscapes, tree paintings - the list is endless. 

Most paintings, hundreds of them - framed and unframed - are in Dunmow, Essex, UK where the sale is now on.  There will be a sale on in Northumberland from the beginning of May, unframed only - viewing by appointment, contact me to arrange!

Q. Where are you now and what are your plans this year?
I am in Isaan til mid March then Bali for six weeks - then I go home to the UK from May 1st to October.  My agent Helen is in Dunmow, Essex where most of my paintings are.  Unframed paintings can be posted worldwide, if buyer pays P & P.

Contact me to make an appointment - though people who know Helen just turn up.  Hoping to make another £40 sale today!

Thanks to Colin for lending his charitable support to helping foreign prisoners in Thai jail.  The support group is focused on helping Koh Phangan guys in trouble in prisons throughout Thailand, mainly in Koh Samui, Chumphon and Bangkok.

More info on island prison support efforts here!

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