Friday, 23 January 2015

Techno Legend Marco Bailey at Jungle Experience Jan 24th

Last seen at Jungle Experience for their 10th anniversary party last year, Marco Bailey is flying in from the States to join an epic line up Jan 24th... and Jungle is very excited to welcome him!

Marco Bailey @ Jungle Experience 10yr Anniversary
The feeling appears to be mutual!  Answering these questions on the plane from America to Thailand, Marco Bailey had this to say about Jungle Experience:

I have played Jungle Experience 2 times now, each time was great, the location is brilliant.  I love Chai, the owner, a lot.  And I like the vibe a lot because I met different people from many parts of the world - and the people are much more into good music. 

I played many times in Thailand where people did not have a clue about good music...

At Jungle everyone is there to party and that is good!

Phil Hartnoll is a legend and in times of Orbital he has done massive live shows worldwide.  He is a great person, too, and I am happy Jungle Experience is attracting some great international DJs.  Big respects to Daniel Sanchez & Marco Loco also!   
For myself, I ALWAYS give 100% of energy!!

At the moment I am very busy with lots of travelling. I was at BPM Festival in Mexico one week ago, where I played 2 shows; then I was in Miami and Milwaukee.  I played a sold out gig at Pacha NYC not even 2 days ago - and now I am already on my way to the other side of the world: the beautiful Thailand.

I'm only going stay 3 days in Koh Phangan unfortunately… I've just got too much to do.  I love Thailand very, very much.  I've been coming back every year since 1999!  The music scene is getting better in Thailand, I remember playing my first time in Bangkok in 1999, it was funny; it's getting better & better!

Marco Bailey in Miami Jan 2015
I am doing an Asia tour again in September with gigs in Tokyo, Osaka, China & Korea.  At the moment, in Thailand, the love for cool techno still needs to grow: still too many clubs are only into easy clubby music, easy to understand, lol!  But I have a good feeling we are getting there! 

And I love Thailand with all my heart and will always support this beautiful place on earth! 

Jungle Experience Sat Jan 24th 2015
Huge thanks to Marco for taking time out of his busy international schedule to answer! We look forward to hearing this techno legend rock Jungle once again with Phil Hartnoll, Daniel Sanchez & Marco Loco on Jan 24th!

*Interview sponsored by Jungle Experience , Koh Phangan

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