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Daniel Sanchez at Jungle Experience Koh Phangan

Last seen on Koh Phangan a year ago, Daniel Sanchez is back on tour in Thailand and returning to our island scene!  On a star-studded Jungle Experience line-up on Jan 24th, Daniel Sanchez's charismatic good looks and moving, grooving techno vibes are sure to rock Jungle's world… 

Daniel Sanchez wonderfruit
Daniel Sanchez on the Kolour stage, Wonderfruit Festival, Thailand
The Dutch/ Spanish DJ & Producer has been making waves out of Europe since 2007, where he 'contributed to the development of Amsterdam as the dance capital of the world'.  An enigmatic man of many talents, Daniel Sanchez is label owner, producer and international DJ: in 2011 he signed a 3 yr contract touring North & South America, Europe - and Asia - on Sensation's World Tour.

So what made Daniel Sanchez come back to Asia - and to Jungle! - in 2015?

'I’m very fond of Asia and Thailand - it’s one of my favourite places to come to.  Nice vibes and a good inspiration for making music.  Last year, after playing here, I began to see there was a new electronic scene which is developing and growing.  I love to see those positive vibes: there is something in the air…

I’m really looking forward to Jungle Experience.  I've heard that Jungle is one of the more famous and biggest party on Koh Phangan, and that the line-ups are very diverse. It’s going to be a party with different kinds of techno style - but everyone on the line-up are DJs with experience.'

Jan 24th is shaping up to be an epic Jungle Experience, a Jungle night to remember. 

Jungle Experience Jan 24: Daniel Sanchez, Phil Hartnoll, Marco Bailey & Marco Loco
Amidst the superstars, Daniel Sanchez is eye-candy for the ladies. When asked what energy he is bringing to Jungle, the response tells you he is not only serious about his music, but that he understands how to please the crowd too:

'My style is definitely still minimal techno but with a constant groove.  What I find really important is that the ladies are always feeling it and are still able to dance.  Sometimes you go a little harder and sometimes you take it back a notch - depending on the event I’m playing and how many people are on the dance floor.

Last year,  I played for the first time on Koh Phangan. I had a blast, it was awesome - finally a place where they play good music.  Now, one year later you can see the music knowledge has expanded on this island.  It’s nice to see that music has no boundaries.

Koh Phangan is totally different from other places in the world.  There is a lot happening on a small island, lots of parties and I find it nice to see that everybody feels free to present their own style of doing parties.  One might be in the jungle, while another one is on a boat or at the beach.'

Daniel Sanchez at Wonderfruit Festival, Dec 2014
Having fun on the Thai circuit with Koh Phangan's own Darragh Casey, Daniel Sanchez played Wonderfruit Festival and Samui's Cha Cha Moon on New Year's EveSo how does the music scene in Thailand compare to other locations?

Thailand has less boundaries. You still see a lot of different styles of music together in one line-up.  I also noticed that the music that is played by most artists is not the most recent music.  But that doesn’t strike odd to me... the internet on this island is not really fast, which means that downloading new tracks is not the easiest thing to do.  

So the music flow goes a bit slower, but at the same time I feel that in this way everything has the right time - to fall into place and develop into a steady scene.

Wonderfruit Festival in Pattaya was really cool.  You could really feel that this festival was a new experience to everybody.  In a lot of other places in the world we are already a bit spoiled: this is something you can definitely feel in the vibe of a festival.  I really enjoyed it, even on the days I was not playing myself.

Cha Cha Moon on New Years: I really did not wanted to stop playing but I had to catch my flight at 6 o’ clock in the morning for my next show in Bangkok.  I didn’t expect it, but people where really feeling it and went totally crazy this night - like it should be on New Years of course ;)

Daniel Sanchez's new EP is released on the 17th of February 2015 on Little Helpers.  His hugely successful label Bla Bla has been influencing the minimal techno world since 2009.  Second record label Cachai was set up with a South American partner. Intent on his drive to take music to the world, Daniel has yet another project up his sleeve:

'The last few weeks I have worked on starting a new label which will be launched soon. It is called 555 because I like the Thai use of these numbers which means 'hahaha'. This label has his focus only on artist from Asia.  Sunju Hargun, a Thai DJ from Bangkok, will do the A&R for this new label.  

I want to motivate producers from Asia to create a nice platform so they can grow internationally. I’m really into this project. New projects always give me a lot of energy and inspiration.'

Next up, Daniel Sanchez is bringing his high energy and minimal techno for the soul to Jungle Experience on Jan 24th!  It's always Showtime at the Jungle... and we get the feeling Daniel Sanchez will fit right in.  See you on the Jungle dance floor!

Jungle Experience Koh Phangan via Thai Party for Me
*Interview sponsored by Jungle Experience Koh Phangan
Thanks to Kolour & Thai Party for Me  for use of photography!


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