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Elektro Delikatessen on the Bangkok Scene

Bringing an eye-catching line up of DJs through Bangkok in the next months, Elektro Delikatessen are set to take the Big Mango by storm...

Elektro Delikatessen at Ocean Bangkok photography via siam2nite.com
Photography via Siam2Nite
The line-up includes Berlin's Sante and Koh Phangan favourites Marcus Meinhardt, Alle Farben and Pablo Escobud (Bangkok here we come!) 

Here I interview the driving forces behind Bangkok's newest electronic movement about their Friday & Saturday residencies at Ocean Bangkok & The Mansion...

Elektro Delikatessan

The masterminds behind Elektro Delikatessen are Sascha Jochum and Matteo Ianna, who work together with a 'big network of resident DJs and supporters', especially Richie Rathat Chaowanich. 

Elektro Delikatessen is the brainchild of Sascha and Matteo, who both have a background in event organizing. Sascha had a project from which they took the name: they thought it could fit perfectly with their new adventure.

Founded in 2004, Elektro Delikatessen still exists in Germany and the events have run now for more than 10 years. Italian Matteo, aka DJ Ikono, is passionate about Asia, and says, "I crave music every second of my life, I love experimenting."

They sound like a good combination.
Sascha says, "I started to do Parties at my Rooftop Pool Bar in Ekkamai, Bangkok. Matteo came to one of my events and we started talking about our philosophies of electronic music, and the electronic scene in Bangkok."

"We saw very quickly that we were on the same level and decided to organize events together. The first event we did together around 400 people already came before 1am. So we saw that people liked what we did, but we needed a better location."

Elektro Delikatessen at Ocean Bangkok photography via siam2nite.com

Elektro Delikatessen at Ocean Bangkok photography via siam2nite.comElektro Delikatessen at Ocean Bangkok photography via siam2nite.com

"Elektro Delikatessen is about creating an underground space here in Bangkok that is presently missing," Matteo continues. "It's about experimenting, pushing the boundaries - making people and DJs with different ideas meet and create together."

"At our event, people keep telling me that they feel at home, that they feel comfortable to come by themselves - with or without a group of friends - because the venue is cozy and everyone is friendly."

"Well, that’s very close to what we are looking for: making people feel at home, while going crazy and listening to great DJs playing."

"There is a very big potential for this scene."

Ocean Bangkok

"We have been doing events at Ocean for a couple of months now", says Sascha. "We met Franck, the owner of Ocean, and talked to him about our ideas and he was totally into it. Two weeks after our first meeting we already started our first event together."

Describing the vibe at Ocean, Matteo says, "Ocean’s basement is extremely underground and very flexible for every kind of performance. Dark and sweaty at the parties, it really appears to be like the perfect den for underground events."

pablo escobud full moon party ocean bangkok
Full Moon on Halloween: DJ PABLO ESCOBUD @ Ocean Bangkok Oct 31st
Anticipating a night of all-night dancing on Fri Oct 31st, Sascha says, "I think on Halloween we're going to create the best mix between the Bangkok and Koh Phangan electronic sound.  And what can fit better to Halloween than Fullmoon!"
"We want to attract Party-goers with a little bit of personality and taste for music," says Matteo. "And Thai people who are looking for something real and different from the same parties that have been happening forever. People interested in art and creativity." 

"Everyone is welcome at Elektro Delikatessen, whether young/old, or Thai/Westerner. We intend to maintain Ocean Electro Friday as a synonym of quality music event."

"We also like to change the location of our events now and then..."

The Mansion (RCA)
"The Mansion is a new venue in Bangkok with a modern light and soundsystem. A perfect place to host one of the best German electro acts in Bangkok history.
Santè is going to be the opening act of an historical 3 month line-up."  

sante at mansion bangkok
Elektro Delikatessen presents SANTE @ The Mansion Bangkok Nov 1st
"The Mansion is in the Royal City Avenue (RCA) in the heart of Bangkok nightlife, with a big, young Thai and Western crowd, and many other clubs around. So it's an amazing Nightlife atmosphere," says Sascha.

"We will have some great music, a very famous DJ coming to Thailand for the first time, a wild 360 degree experience, the smiley faces of all the electro lovers - and a lot of young gentlemen and ladies very sweaty for the occasion," says Matteo.

"We both love Santè a lot and we are sure he's gonna rock the place", says Sascha. "We spent a lot of time and effort to create this historical line up for the next 3 months."   

Elektro Delikatessen 3 Month Line-Up:

• 01/11/14 Santè (Avotre / Cocoon Recordings)
• 22/11/14 Pan-Pot (WATERGATE BERLIN Release Tour)
• 12/12/14 Marcus Meinhardt (Bar 25 / Katermukke)
• 09/01/15 Alle Farben (Synthesia / Kallia)
• 30/01/15 MANTU (Get Physical / Kindisch)

"Especially the Watergate Release Tour Date from Pan-Pot is a Once in a Life Time in Bangkok."

Matteo explains further, "For us it was important not just to bring one good act to Bangkok, we want to show the Bangkok Electro Lovers the next 3 month are safe - the thirsty/dry period has finally an end!"

"We know with Marcus Meinhardt & Alle Farben we have some
Thailand lovers and Koh Phangan favourites. Our 3 other Artists Santè, Pan-Pot and MANTU will be the first time in Thailand. And at least for Alle Farben, it's going to be his first time playing in Bangkok. So we are really proud to present all these DJs in Bangkok."

Matteo has the last word: "We like eclectic artists, we crave new sounds framed in the old school quality beat flow. Those guys are master in creating the art oeuvre. You give them the control of the mixer, set the autopilot and the party goes insane."

Elektro Delikatessen at Ocean Bangkok photography via siam2nite.com
 Photography via Siam2Nite
Needless to say, I can't wait to spend this Halloween weekend in Elektro Delikatessen's company in Bangkok! You know where to find me: ON THE DANCE FLOOR...

See you there!
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