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How To Buy Inmates Fruit and Water

FYI: Info on this page is for the benefit of families and supporters of Koh Samui Prison inmates.    
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This post covers the all important 'How To Buy Fruit & Water' and is the last in a series of posts to help you visit Koh Samui Prison: all you need to buy inmates supplies is their name and your photo ID...

YOU can buy fruit and water from the prison counters EVEN if you don't visit, and it may potentially be the best thing you can do!

* Inside the main waiting area is a counter on the left. This is the prison supply shop. Water, toiletries & sundries are sold here, & go direct to the prisoners. You will be issued a receipt in Thai, with a list of items and the prisoner's first name in Thai script, as in the photo here.

There is a nice Thai lady in uniform behind the counter - she is probably the most helpful official you will encounter at the prison. Tell her the first name of your inmate and hand her your passport. Tell her what you'd like to buy, items like this:

6 x BOTTLES of  WATER (72 baht)
TINNED FISH (bplaa mackerel 15 baht)
KHANOM (cakes/bread)
TEA  (chaa)
COFFEE (kafee)
MILK (nom)
SUGAR (nam-taan)

* Now you have a receipt with your inmate's name in Thai, it is easy to go back to the outside waiting area - near the 'Samui District Prison' sign on entry - and buy fruit. 

how to buy fruit at prison
The plump lady behind the counter here doesn't speak a word of English, but she does has a list of fruit available that day.

Just tell her how much you'd like to spend and she'll help you decide what to buy. 200-300 baht buys 4-5 bags of fruit. 

Hand her your passport and the receipt from buying water so she can see the prisoner's name in Thai - and she'll write you out a hand written receipt, like in this photo.

Job done! It should only take about half an hour of your time.

* There is one last thing you can do, if you still have any spare funds… you can deposit money into your inmate's account. Go back into the main waiting area and this time queue up at the prison counter on the right.

Deposit funds for prisoners at the inner counter on the right

This is the gruff prison guard's territory, be warned! When he frowns/growls at you, smile at him and repeat your prisoner's name slowly, so he can understand your accent. Show him the receipt from buying water so he can see the name in Thai script.

Tell the guard how much you want to deposit. He will bring up the inmate's computerised details, with a photo of the prisoner.  Just nod and say yes, that's him or her (great if you are visiting for the first time)!


Well, unless you are visiting (see related posts)... Wishing you god speed and good luck.  Hopefully some of this goes in, and when you are at the prison it might actually make sense.

Update July 2014: Visitors can no longer bring food or books from outside, but the prison canteen has improved, so, if you can, it might be worth depositing more funds so inmates can buy more meals for themselves.


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