Monday, 5 August 2013

Ibiza Sensations! Pool Party at Ocean Beach Ibiza

Ibiza sensations poster at ocean beach club

Mia is branching out! After a whirlwind few months of writing, first for, Koh Phangan's Online Party Magazine, then on my own blog here (I'm on course to hit 6,000 hits in 4 months, from USA to Russia to Colombia to Mali, without even understanding SEO - let's see what the next 4 months bring!), now I'm starting to source other journalistic avenues...  

Water Babe Acrobat routine at Ocean Beach Ibiza
My first article for Yuppee magazine got published today, whoop whoop, with all my own photos too!  Exciting stuff, for someone who has written for over 20 years but has always kept it to herself, or shared only privately with her nearest and dearest...

Model with Parasol at Ocean Beach Ibiza

I've learnt to overcome the fear of putting my thoughts and emotions on view - if you dare to bare your soul it will be beautiful - and maybe I'm old and wise enough to take any criticism now. I guess I've had enough positive response in these last few months to completely lose my fear, and I feel like I'm flying now, like these guys!

Acrobats in mid air at Ocean Beach Ibiza

I owe a lot of thanks to my compadres at Phanganist for teaching me their publishing art, and also for pushing me to try and master taking my own photos... and I'm so pleased with these Ocean Beach Ibiza pics!! These ones didn't even make the article! 
Koh Phangan to Ibiza! What a fun journey the Escobuds are on!

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