Friday, 5 July 2013

Pablo Escobud - DJ Dozen Comeback Squad @ Radio KC France 05/07/2013

Catch DJ PABLO ESCOBUD's banging TECH HOUSE mix for French RADIO KC's DJ DOZEN SQUAD event today 2-3pm GMT!

This TECH HOUSE mix from Pablo went out at JUNGLE EXPERIENCE for his departure performance from KOH PHANGAN in May 2013... and went down a STORM!!!  IT WENT OFF!! 

This is the 1st hour of that mix.... with the 2nd TECH HOUSE/TECHNO hour coming out as an EDM ARRAY exclusive in Canada in the next few days!

Hope you can tune in with us for some ecstatic, euphoric, banging Friday tunes!!!


Tune in Here 2-3pm GMT today.

Pablo's Radio KC journey began in Dec 2012 for their Eclectic Musical Event 12/12/12.
He has been part of the DJ DOZEN SQUAD Monthly Comeback ever since,
with an extra 2hrs of his mixes broadcast for their 1yr anniversary!
Zut alors and merci bien RADIO KC!

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