Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Goa to Koh Phangan - DJ Nelio: Music Therapist Freak

DJ Nelio Guest performer from Goa on Phangan.
A Music Therapist & a believer in Karma 
A freak according to himself and here is his DJ story - by Mia Escobud.

'I believe in ying and yang, time and space illusion, karma, alternative ways of being and thinking, new paradigm; also found of ancient cultures, spoken words evaluated society and tribes - that’s why probably I live in Goa, great place for all that freedom and being with other freaks like me'   DJ Nelio

"Yeah I remember the nutter! He started just coming to do a normal 2 hour set... which turned into 9 hours because other DJs were not around. He was mental, his tunes were banging and people loved him, I told him he had a job anytime, he is professional, kind, funny and is a wicked DJ." Oz Dawson, Recovery Room on DJ Nelio

"SUPERNICE INTERVIEW of ME by Phanganist Koh Phangan 
<any thanks and big up to them (Sharon/Mel/Linda) ... 
keep up the good work there ;)" DJ NELIO

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