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I Love London - May Bank Holiday in London, Part 2

Electronic Sessions Boat Party River Thames
May Bank Holiday Boat Party on Golden Flame

We're in for a night of dirty melancholic house music with emerging Norwegian star Finnebassen, supported by a host of London DJs: Jadele,  Sam James & Jack Plows, Credence DJs,  Ross Halfhead,  Robin Thurston,  Overseas Project... and Resident DJ Jack Sumpter

back yard koh phangan
BackYard girls, Koh Phangan
As the boat embarks on its journey down the Thames I'm wondering where Jadele is. I go downstairs and there playing the lower deck a beautiful tech house princess is smiling at me with sparkling eyes behind the technics. The birthday girl herself, Jadele: "I'm so pleased you could come!" So are we! Koh Phangan reunion... in London: 


Downstairs, deep into Finnebassen's set, a young guy is catching my eye as his mop of corkscrew blond curls flies up and down on the dance floor. He's got a familiar energy that I can relate to; he has that mad, bouncy energy I know and love so well: He could be one of the Koh Phangan Freaks Like Us!  Then I catch sight of his dinosaur t-shirt with the slogan: All my friends are dead. It takes a second for his sense of humour to register… then I'm laughing away, sure I've found my favourite punter of the evening.  He's definitely going in my blog!  
Little did I know… ES resident Jack Sumpter
Later in the evening I'm taking the weight off my aching feet, surveying the sea of sneakers and Ray-Bans  - this is an anything goes 'flats but glam' crowd; there's only about five girls in heels, and I'm one of them!  Mistake!!  However, I needed a bit of height not to feel like a dwarf next to the gazelle-like Jadele. She catches my eye as our favourite snatch drum comes in, but still, my feet are too tired to move for a while. 

I'm taking in this happy, non-aggressive crowd with their sunglasses and sexy moves - this isn't how I remember London! I remember girls banging past you and giving you daggers; here it's all it's all smiles and a touch of the arm as they pass you by - lovely! An intimate and loving atmosphere abounds… Electronic Sessions, I'm sold! 

If you like dancing to some of the best DJs in the world in an intimate surrounding then this is for you. One big house party on the Thames ES

The music's rising up through deep to tech and a faster bpm, and I ask my friend who is standing up if the DJ has changed? She can't tell through the crowd, and I'm drawn back up on my feet to take a look... to find a corkscrew mop of blond curls flying away behind the decks. It's only my favourite punter!

Photo courtesy of Linas Justice for Overseas Project 
"Omg I'm so excited, I've just found my new favourite DJ ... It's Jack the Dinosaur!"  
Tired feet totally forgotten, I join the crowd around the decks to go mad and dance out the last hour of the boat party. Jack Sumpter has the same exuberant energy behind the decks as he has on the dance floor, and of course his music is rocking, as it would have to be for someone with his kind of energy. A Koh Phangan equivalent would be Darragh Casey.
Halfway through his upbeat set Jack starts bringing out some vocal tracks, shining star, shining girl... and you know he's got soul; that he understands soul and can move our English crowd - like only a soul-loving English DJ can do. I should know, I married one!  
Little did I realise as I danced away to Jack Sumpter that last Electronic Sessions hour aboard Golden Flame that I was listening to a London DJ favourite... 
at venues such as MoS, Egg, and Pacha!

"The shining star track is: Shining Star (Joe Goddard Remix) Nneka - it's a really good feel good track that always does the damage on the dance floor"  Jack Sumpter interview coming soon, soon, soon!
Our London favourite finishes up his set and the evening's cruise with some familiar tracks from Jadele's record bag; one I recognise from Haad Tien and Haad Yuan on Koh Phangan, by yet another German producer who has expressed interest in working with our Jadele. 
jadele at jungle experience koh phangan
Jadele is an English Rose in that she loves to interact with the crowd and lead by dancing example, but her style of music is quite teutonic, which is evident from the German producers wanting to work with her powerful, emotion-provoking vocals. 

She has her Germanic scene debut on Sat June 22nd at the Hamburg Techno club BKI: KIEZINTERNAT, then travels on for studio time with producer Alex Flatner to 'record vocals and work on a tune' together. Great things await Jadele, but perhaps they are Germany bound!  
BKI Kiezinternat Hamburg... 

This Sunday June 16th: I LOVE LONDON  

Curiousity Club at Gigalum this Sunday June 16th... which Pablo's flying in from Thailand for tonight! Soooo looking forward to a Koh Phangan boogie in Clapham Common this Sunday, with the amazing Lizzie Curious....
Photography by Mia EscobudElectronic Sessions, Linas Justice and

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