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Dinner Time: Koh Samui Prison Menu

"Nasty looking rice and foul smelling broth with a few bones in it, same as dinner.  Sometimes you might be lucky and get a piece of chicken attached to the bones.."

Transfer from Samui to IDC: pit stop in Surat police cells...
I'd heard about prison food before.  So when an ex-Samui inmate sent me this photo of food in Surat Thani police station recently, I couldn't help but ask for more details.  I think a few of us will be more than surprised by the answers!!  My Qs in italics...

Prison Diet

Is the food in Koh Samui Prison like this?

Samui is better.  Sometimes it can be like this, but you can also order food from the shop.  You can order many different kinds of food from the shop, it's not too bad.  It's not easy (you have to queue for up to 2 hrs to order) but a 'local businessman' provides a service and will queue for you, for a fee.

What do they have?  Chicken and rice?

All kinds of Thai food... and burgers and pizza.  The captains' wives make the extra food.  Once they asked everybody to write down what we liked and now they will make it for us.  OK quality, 40 baht.  60 baht if you can afford to order with the queue service.
Burgers and pizza??

Burgers, ok.
Pizza, sometimes good.
Lasagna, very good.
And a bakery...

Can you write down the menu from the shop?

It is very big, I don't remember...

Koh Samui Prison Menu

Vegetable Soup
Rice with Fried Pork
Rice, Chicken and Soup
Fried Rice with Pork
Coconut Curry
Fried Fish
Thai Salads

And they change the menu all the time...

Massaman Curry with Chicken and Potato
Khao Muu Daeng - Rice with Red Pork
Prison Style KFC Chicken
Chicken with Garlic Pepper on Rice
Pork Barbecue on Sticks
Thai Sausage
Sticky Rice with Pork
Deep Fried Chicken with Sticky Rice

And for dessert....

Bakery items like Fruit Puff
Bread with Sweet Milk
You can order real Birthday Cakes, any size.

I am not joking.
It is not all.
Sandwiches with Tuna and Crab Sticks...

Haha, gourmet dinner.  And I thought you guys were eating rice and fish heads.  Amazing.  Good news.  Families will be happy to hear that, thanks for the info!

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