Thursday, 25 April 2013

Koh Phangan Goodbye 1993

As time runs out I find that I don't mind at all. 

I sit watching my three-tiered sea through the palm trees that rise above us in this tropical garden of ours, and I find I feel nothing except the calm of it's beauty. The people haven't come flocking as they did for the last full moon party: our bungalows are still empty and Haad Rin remains quiet, even for the warm-up parties, it seems. April, and the season is coming to a close. So it's time to go anyway.

So I'm taking it in all I can. I keep coming across the unlikeliest people stopping to wonder where they are and being amazed by it, and it just makes my own senses even keener. Other people who are just as affected by palm trees and lying in the ocean and staring back at land as I am! I'm so happy to be here, and still the thought of leaving isn't unwelcome - just the realisation that I'm going home. And my heart may not be there quite yet, but it's headed that way.

Fond memories of this place I have, somewhere to return to and ingrate yourself with for seasons at a time. Only when it's been hard earned though: this place is treat of treats, and should be treated as such! Ground has to be travelled to get here, whether that ground be measured in distance or time or experience. I'm on the verge of a transition period now, and the gears are being changed. Ready to get motivated for the road ahead… 

When all the goodbyes are said and done
And we unravel ourselves from this mysterious plot
Is it then that enlightenment will come
 Or have we had our lot?

April 1993 Diary 
© Mia Escobud 2013

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